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Alliance Ceramicsteel Interiors

Alliance Ceramicsteel surfaces
are designed to last a lifetime in
interior areas of public abuse,
chemical pollutants or critical
cleanliness.  Environmentally
inert, the ceramicsteel surfaces
will not burn or leech pollutants
into the workspace.  It resists
chemicals, surface scratching
and graffiti…

we guarantee it.  Semi-Gloss
colors allow the walls to function
as working walls or projection
screens.  Ceramicsteel color,
finish and graphic possibilities
are endless.  Low in
maintenance, the surface’s
nonporous nature prevents dust
accumulation and bacterial
growth, making it a logical choice
for clean rooms, and other germ
free environments.  
Panels & Moldings

Lightweight and easily installed, the panel and molding system
permits a diversity of wall styling.  Moldings can blend with the
panels for a continuous surface, or contrast for accent.  Whatever
the style, alliance ceramicsteel colors and textures match your design.

Working Walls

When is a wall not just a wall?  When it’s an alliance ceramicsteel
working wall.  Our surfaces function as writing walls, projection
screens, and magnetic mounting faces.  When not in use, the
ceramicsteel wall is a beautiful surface that complements any
interior.  Accessories are available to magnetically mount pen
trays, coat hooks, or picture hangers.