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Entol Industries... Masters of Ornament. Since its beginning in 1971,
Entol has been a pioneer, and recognized leader in the design,
production and marketing of architectural ceilings, mouldings and
ornament. In 1984 Entol introduced it's award winning Veneziatm
ceiling system which became the foundation of the acclaimed
Beaux Arts Group. The industries acceptance of Entol's works is
largely due to its innovation, dedication to detail and craftsmanship.
The information contained in this website is solely intended to
present and overview of the scope of Entol's products and
capabilities and invite you to request individual product literature
for any or all of Entol's products which have peaked your interest.
Custom Capabilities
Entol invites designers wishing to create distinctive or
individualized ceiling effects to advise us of their requirements.
Entol will be most happy to accommodate any request to produce
variations from our standard product line (be it size, color, finish,
profile or style design).

Design Enhancements
The collections also includes panels with various shape and size
configuration (domes, diagonals, etc.) to facilitate creating
interesting ceiling effects, patterns and layouts or to assist in
overcoming perimeter or spatial irregularities.