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The Lam-Cel Division of Railtech Composites, Inc. produces
lamintaed panels with a cellular core of superior appearance,
durabilitry and performance.  They also furnish a complete
system with panels that can be suspended from a ceiling  or
soffit or mounted to a structural wall.  By designing systems
that are installer friendly, the overall cost of of the completed
system can be greatly reduced.  All Lam-Cel panels consist of a
metal face, a core and a metal backer.

Lam-Cel panels are rigidly sealed into one unit to give them
their unique strength of sandwich and stress skin construction
employed in the aircraft industry.  Panels are constructed using
structural adhesives with a standard 3/8" hexagonal aluminum
cellular honeycomb core.  Tests have shown that this size of cell
versus a 1"  cell is three times as strong.  Laminated panels are
fabricated in a platen press under controlled conditions of
temperature, time and pressure.

All Lam-Cel systems are furnished with unique suspension or
mounting systems which have been specifically designed for the
application.  These systems are incorporated into shop drawings
for each project to ensure that the designer's vision will become
a realityu.