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Fabric Acoustical Sound Panels
Sound Concepts manufactures a high quality, high performance
acoustical panel using state-of-the-art materials and engineering
techniques.  From design inception to project completion, we can
provide you with acoustical analysis, value engineered
alternatives and design solutions to meet any budget.

Sound Concepts uses a highly-resilient fiberglass as the preferred
core for its products.  Fiberglass is a safe, dimensionally stable,
and fire resistant material with high acoustical properties
Sound Concepts takes pride in its manufacturing process to
maintain the tolerance established by the acoustical panel
committee of CISCA.  The tolerances are (+/-) 1/16 inch per
panel and include:

overall thickness
edge straightness & profile variance
overall length and width
Chords, radii, diameters
squareness from corner to corner

Where verbal communications is a function of the activity,
the space should be designed with that in mind.  Speech
intelligibility is directly influenced by the acoustic  
characteristics of the room.  Hearing-impaired people
are often victimized by spaces which demonstrate
high levels of reverberation and background noise.  
Acoustical materials should be selected to meet the
needs of all the people who will use or occupy the space.  

Whatever the application, lighting and its effect should be
considered in any design.  Critical lighting can create
unwanted shadows and have a detrimental effect on an
otherwise pleasing design.  Sound Concepts can provide
assistance in panel layout and edge details, to minimize the
effect of critical lighting.