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Gordon was founded in 1964 in Shreveport, Louisiana. Since then, the
company has grown to over 130 employees, plus more than 70
independent agents worldwide. Gordon now specializes in decorative
metal ceilings and engineered ceiling systems for all commercial,
industrial and institutional applications. With the acquisition of Clestra
Cleanroom Components in 1999, corporate reorganization to create
Gordon's Cleanroom Products Division, and the latest addition of Alpro
Acoustical Systems in 2001, Gordon has emerged as a leader in the
design and manufacturing of products for the global cleanroom and
specialty corrugated metal marketplace.  Gordon has most recently
added Column Covers to its extensive product offering.
Gordon is known for its custom fabrication capabilities. Punching,
cutting, welding, curving and custom painting are just some of the
ways Gordon adds value to its line of unique products. Gordon also
offers cutting-edge capabilities for assembly work and steel forming
production. As a large custom manufacturer which includes the
Interior Specialties Division, Alpro Acoustical Systems, and
Cleanroom Products Division, Gordon continually expands its
capabilities to offer the broadest range of products to these industries.
On the strength of its commitment to customer focus, manufacturing
capability, and financial stability, Gordon has positioned itself as the
recognized industry leader in the Interior Specialties, Alpro Acoustical
Systems. and Cleanroom products divisions.